D: Arielle Gogh S: Esther Baena

D: Arielle Gogh, Transmutation Designer

Every since I was little I always loved design. I was always drawing and trying to express myself through art. There is something amazing about the use of color in design and that is my favorite part about the design world. Color can completely transform a piece. Adding color to a garment can change the way a person views it. When getting paired with Esther we both expressed how we loved color. I wanted our project to reflect that. Learning about her research made me explore different ways I can show color transformation. I never thought tumor cells could act as an inspiration for me. I started thinking about how inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere and the more I learned about Esther’s research I realized that there is something rather extraordinary about the stages of a tumor.

S: Esther Baena, Transmutation Scientist

Since the age of 10, I learned how to use the microscope as my aunt work in the hospital pathology laboratory. I loved to spend hours there looking at the amazing colors. That makes me pursue a degree on sciences, where I realized that it was a lot to be discovered and I wanted to contribute to it! My initial training focused on the immune system and blood cell development (hematopoiesis), pioneer fields in biomedical sciences research. Then, I decided to better understand solid tumors (prostate cancer) cell biology and its molecular behavior.

I think there’s no way to distinguish science and arts since both hold on creativity. Both creation processes are captivating, absorbing, challenging….and sometimes you can only abstract from science getting into arts and the other way around, and definitely inspiration flows both directions. I love drawing, painting, pottery….and our TRASMUTATION descience project!!!


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